Vertically Inclined

When you hold your camera to your eye and look thru the viewfinder, if the longest edges of the frame you are viewing are on the top and bottom of the image, then you are looking at what is referred to as Landscape Orientation. It is called this because landscapes, when photographed in this orientation, tend to look more natural and have a balanced composition without too much sky or foreground in the frame unless intended. Landscape images are predominantly photographed in the Landscape (or horizontal) orientation, but you will not find any such photographs in this gallery. Welcome to the Vertically Inclined gallery where you will find all images adhere exclusively to the portrait (or vertical) orientation…Providing a different perspective of nature and subjects where a landscape orientation might not be the best option. This is one of Daniel’s favorite galleries where he gets to showoff different views of images within other galleries and some completely unique natural occurrences in nature. 

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