Meet Daniel Guinn…

Welcome Everyone!

My name is Daniel Guinn and I am a Virginia-based landscape & nature photographer. Thank you for taking the time to visit my online galleries where you will find some of the finest images I have captured over my 10+ years of self-taught photography. I have had a fascination with photography ever since I was a young boy. My parents bought me an instamatic-style camera with the four-flash cubes you attach and throw away after each use. I would take it with me everywhere I could, popping those flash bulbs left and right. I remember the excitement of driving to the store with Mom and dropping off my film rolls and the eagerness for them to be ready. I loved taking my stack of favorite photographs from the monster truck rallies, Saturday night local dirt track races, and US Navy Blue Angels Airshows everywhere with me and show them to whomever would pay attention to me.

15 years later, the photographic passion continued to grow as I purchased my first Canon DSLR camera and dove into as many books and online tutorials as I could. From that first day with my new camera, I practiced and learned as much as I could to fuel the photographic passion inside of me. Armed with my knowledge, eagerness to photograph the world, and my equally strong passion for travel and exploration, I have been traversing North America and Europe for over a decade. From my very first trip to Europe, through my countless journeys to the American Southwest, and my aspirations for further global travel to hit each continent, I strive to capture these amazing places and the memories I create along the way, so I can bring them home and share my excitement with family and friends. 

Through countless hours of researching online and sitting in front of Google Maps, looking for potential points of interest, photography has taught me how big this world really is from just looking at the size of my “Next Destination” list. There are so many places I have yet to be and many that I have visited multiple times because they keep calling me back. Photography is the fuel I use to push myself to explore and experience as many amazing things this world has to offer and I am just getting started.

While I am constantly thinking about the next destination on my list, I invite you all to explore my galleries here today and take a short trip of your own thru some of my favorite "photographic memories”.

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