Mystical Slot Canyons

The American Southwest is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes on the planet. Deserts, salt flats, grand canyons, majestic mountain ranges, arches, and many more. But there are some landscape formations that are so beautiful and meaningful, they need their own image gallery. Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico are home to the vast majority of the world’s Slot Canyons. Formed by thousands of years of water running over the sandstone rock prevalent throughout this region, these walkable canyons are famous for their narrow walking paths and tall canyon walls exhibiting thousands of years of rock striations and mystical rock formations that will leave a lasting impression on anybody lucky enough to visit them. The Native American Tribes who live on these lands have long held deep, sacred connections with these canyons and help maintain them to preserve their beauty and pass along their religious meaning to future generations. Daniel’s gallery of images provides you a small glimpse into these canyons and just how impressive nature, when left to its own devices, can create true wonders of the world.

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