Every year, around the second week of September, The Rocky Mountain State’s forests of aspen trees shake off their summer greens and coat the mountain ranges with a cacophony of golden yellows, oranges, and reds. This transition of color creates some of Earth’s most beautiful displays of Fall colors. Whether you are standing in the middle of an aspen stand, alone with nature and your thoughts, or standing in a grassland surrounded by several other photographers you have never met, waiting for the sun to rise over the nearby mountain and hit the forest scene in front of you with that perfect morning light….Colorado is an experience everyone should have the opportunity to take in at least once…

…It is this type of experience and feeling that Daniel wishes to pass along through his selection of images representing Colorado. Taken over several years of visiting Colorado during the Fall months, Daniel has captured some of his most beautiful works of art here in the Rocky Mountain State. These select few photographs represent some of Daniel’s favorite landscapes from his time in Colorado and remind him of the great feels and experiences he flew home with after each trip…so while you are searching thru the gallery, allow your eyes to rest on each image for longer than a short second, and try to experience the beauty of Colorado for yourself.

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