Panorama(s), or “Pano”, are photographs that tend be used when the subject of your photograph is too wide or too tall to be photographed in just one standard horizontal or portrait oriented frame. Sometimes a panorama can be “cropped” from a single image, thus giving the illusion of a longer or taller image. Usually, a panorama is created by taking a series of sectional images of the subject and later stitched together in an editing software. By taking multiple images and stitching them together, photographers can create images with ratios of 2:1, 3:1, or as big as they need to fulfill the image they had envisioned. Daniel has created several panoramas over the years and uses the technique regularly when traveling to capture amazing scenery not fit for standard sizes. If you are looking to fill a wall in your home or place of business that does not fit the standards of image sizes, this gallery represents some of Daniel’s favorite panoramic photographs for your consideration. 

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