Autumnal Radiance

Daniel’s favorite time of year to get out into nature is Autumn. The cool, crisp air is a welcome respite from the hot, humid days of summer.  The forests around the world take nature’s hint that winter is coming and begin the process of preparing for the long hibernation. Before the trees leave us, they excite us with the grandest annual display of colors anyone has ever seen. Hundreds of species of trees change from their greens of Summer to a palette of reds, yellows, oranges, and browns. "A Most Beautiful Death,” as Daniel likes to refer to the trees’ transition during Fall, as nature displays the greatest show on Earth. Daniel spends weeks at a time during Autumn to capture this beautiful scenery throughout the country and abroad. Particularly found of the Aspens of Colorado, Daniel is always searching for the next Fall seasonal trip. Until then, this gallery represents some of his finest images taken during Autumn.  

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