An Abstract World

Daniel is dedicating this gallery to the colors, contrasts, patterns, shapes, symmetry, and movements that can often go unnoticed when viewed in a larger, more grandiose subject. Without these “building blocks” of the world, it would be impossible to have such majestic landscapes as Horseshoe Bend in Arizona, Mt. Rainier in Washington, or Mt. Everest in the Himalayan Mountains. Everything we look at on a daily basis is made up of these characteristics. Only when we slow down and truly look at the landscapes and subjects in front of us, do we start to pick up on what ingredients go into making the scenes we choose to photograph and why they make it so pleasing for us to experience.

While you view the images within this gallery, try not to ask yourself where the big dynamic subject is located within the photograph. Instead, look at the colors and contrasts, and how they interact with each other creating combinations you may not have thought about before. Look for textures, patterns and shapes within the photographs’ elements…see how they form our subjects and give them structure…and look for the symmetry within each frame. Lines, curves, mirrored reflections….these hidden in plain sight characteristics create symmetry throughout our canvases and are what ease your eyes, mind, and soul…an abstract way of looking at nature.

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